Campaign updates and summary of developments as of 2.12

Justice for Salah’s campaign updates and summary of developments as of 2.12 at 7 pm

The Israeli authorities, maintaining a regime of apartheid and domination over Palestinians, including in occupied Jerusalem, have issued a deportation order against Salah Hammouri that is validated and effective immediately. Salah can be deported on any day and at any time.

6 December hearing
Due to the absence of lawyers at the deportation hearing session that HRD Salah Hammouri had on 1 December and after the request of Salah’s legal representatives to have a chance for a hearing on the deportation order. At 11:00 am on 2 December, Salah Hammouri’s lawyers received a response from the Israeli authorities scheduling another deportation hearing on 6 December 2022.

4 December
Salah Hammouri’s administrative detention order will come to an end and he will be considered illegal without status.
Salah will most likely be transferred into a detention center for illegal migrants until the day of the hearing.