Campaign updates and summary of developments as of 6.12

Update: 6 December 2022

On December 06, Salah Hammouri and his legal representatives, including Adv. Lea Tsemel, Adv. Mahmoud Hassan, and HaMoked Center for the Defense of the Individual, attended two hearing sessions regarding Salah’s deportation and residency revocation. 

From the deportation hearing:
Salah and his legal representatives were present, as well as a representative from the Israeli Migration Authorities. Both parties gave their oral arguments and towards the end of the session, the court did not issue a decision on the deportation. They decided to examine the arguments and Salah’s representatives are awaiting a response. French representation was also present during this hearing.

From the status related to the residency revocation hearing:
Salah and his legal representatives were present.
The court ruled to maintain Salah under detention in Hadarim prison, until further notice.
The court scheduled a judicial review hearing regarding his detention and its root causes on 1 January 2023, where they will look into updates regarding his residency revocation.

As Salah is still categorized as “sagav”- Israeli designation for high-security inmate – he will continue to be detained until further notice in Hadarim prison [ even if not an Administrative Detainee anymore ]

In both hearing sessions, Salah was cuffed with two metal cuffs on his hands and feet and one cuff connecting both together.