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Campaign updates and summary of developments as of 5.12

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Salah had a hearing today 5 December in Givon prison/ at Al-Ramleh, where he again didn’t have the chance to be represented by his lawyers and Salah refused to proceed with any hearings without his lawyers. The French consul in Tel Aviv was present and could briefly speak with Salah.

The apartheid authorities decided to hold two hearings for Salah tomorrow 6 December 2022 one is at 11:00 and another one is at 13h30.

  • First hearing concerning Salah’s deportation order.
  • Second hearing concerning the detention order in anticipation of his deportation. As of today, Salah is held in detention as a deportee.

Both hearings should be attended by Salah’s legal representatives and the French consul. His family is not granted permission to be in those hearings.

Today 5 December Salah received a transfer order from Hadarim high-security prison to be implemented at around 2h30am tomorrow 6 December.

We refuse all procedures against Salah and France needs to stop this war crime against Salah and all Palestinian Jerusalemites