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Israel jails Salah Hammouri again

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Once again, Israel has thrown its weight against Hammouri by jailing him.

The Israeli army stormed Hammouri’s home in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Kufr Aqab on Monday, arrested him and transferred him to Ofer military prison.

Hammouri, 36, has endured years of harassment by Israel. Among the measures to which he has been subjected are arbitrary arrests, travel bans and phone snooping.

Hammouri wrote an article for the magazine Jacobin shortly before his latest arrest.

The article details the harassment he has faced over the years from Israeli occupation forces, concluding it has “one single aim: forcing me to leave Palestine.”

A Jerusalem native, Hammouri has spent most of his life in the city, but Israel has sought to deport him to France. Israeli authorities revoked his permanent residency in October for “breach of allegiance to the state of Israel.”