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Use the information and links in the file to help you spread the word about the injustices Salah Hammouri is facing.

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Human Rights Organisations Send Urgent Appeal to UN Special Procedures on the Imminent Threat of Forcible Transfer/Deportation of Salah Hammouri for “Breach of Allegiance”

Palestinian and regional human rights organisations submitted a joint urgent appeal to the United Nations (UN) Special Procedures on the imminent threat of forcible transfer/deportation of Salah Hammouri, a Palestinian-French human rights defender and a lawyer at Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association for “breach of allegiance”

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We are Palestinians, and We Refuse to Leave our Homeland

Jacobin, 06 March 2022

In 2011, I was released from Israeli prison as part of the prisoner exchange that saw the liberation of more than 1,027 Palestinians from Israel’s colonial system of punitive imprisonment. Having been incarcerated for nine years, from age nineteen, I was now keen to get on with my life, to study, have a family, to catch up on the years that the occupation authorities had taken from me. Little did I realize, my release was only the start of an ordeal in which I was to become a testing ground for Israel’s escalating and ceaseless attacks on Palestinians.

Video Reports

Salah Hammouri at Imminent Threat of Deportation from Jerusalem

07 December 2020

Israel revokes Franco-Palestinian lawyer’s Jerusalem residency

20 October 2021

Relevant Legal Documents

The arrest and detention of Mr. Salah Hammouri amounted to arbitrary detention

(17-26) April 2018

Opinions adopted by the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention at its eighty-first session

Video: Salah Hammouri Story timeline

The video documents the series of harrassment, persecution and challenges that Human Rights Defender Salah Hammouri endured -and still endures till this day- in a chronological fashion.

You may download the video and share it via your channels.